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TGW is an internationally leading provider of intralogistics solutions. As a systems integrator, we take over planning, production, implementation and maintenance of highly automated distribution centres – including everything from mechatronics to robotics to the control system and software. Today, over 4,400 employees in Europe, Asia and North America excel with expertise and outstanding solution-oriented dedication.

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About TGW

About TGW

TGW has a vision of what we want to achieve, how we will get there and the related milestones we need to accomplish along the way. Guiding us on this journey are our corporate culture and our values that, when combined with our people, defines our DNA. TGW is driven by the Foundation philosophy, “Focusing on people – Learning and Growing”. Based on this philosophy, our aim at TGW is to create an open, respectful and appreciative business environment where personal efforts to achieve business results and personal growth are equally encouraged.

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Our values

In the TGW-World we treat other with respect, trust and friendliness, and by focusing on the things we have in common and what unites us.

In the TGW-World we actively contribute our ideas. We share our know-how and are committed to its implementation. We actively communicate the status and progress of our assignments and projects.

In the TGW-World we design clear-cut pictures of the future. Together we will discover assignments and roles with which each and every one of us can identify - and then we commit to them with dedication and passion.

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Picnic Site

Picnic Site

TGW is the partner for Picnic’s new fully robotised distribution centre in the Netherlands. The online supermarket will use our FlashPick® system, which is powerful but flexible at the same time, with three temperature zones and a shuttle system at the core of the solution. The new distribution centre in Utrecht has 40,000 m² of floor space and uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver groceries to more than 150,000 families per week. With TGW FlashPick®, Picnic lays the foundation for the next years growth. The core automation element is a shuttle warehouse comprising almost 40 aisles and more than 200,000 storage locations. The system also includes an energy-efficient KingDrive® conveyor network and highly ergonomic PickCenter One picking workstations.

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Our recruitment process

Every role is different and our selection process will vary for each role. Our Recruitment Team will outline the steps involved at the beginning of the process but you can expect it to look something like this:


Getting to know you

A member of our Recruitment Team will call you to understand more about how your skills and experience measure up to the job requirements. Remember, it is a two way street so they will also tell you more about why TGW is a great place to work and answer your questions.


First Interview

Usually a Telephone or Video Interview with the Hiring Manager to understand your technical skillset, cultural fit and motivation to join TGW.



You may be invited to complete an online technical evaluation relevant to the job you are applying for and/or an online personality assessment.


Second Interview

You will get a chance to tour the office or one of our sites in the Benelux and to get to know the team and the workplace. We will also discuss the results off the profile analysis and/or your technical test in detail here and cover any outstanding questions from both sides.



We will let you know the outcome of the process within a few days of your final interview, or give you a timeframe for when a decision will be made if it’s going to take a little longer.

Regardless of the outcome, you will always hear from us personally with the news.

If you are successful, we will talk you through the offer details and let you know what to expect from the onboarding process. If not we will offer feedback so that you understand the reasons behind our decision.